Counselling and Therapy at the Marie Trust

Katherine, Counsellor

My name is Katherine and I'm one of the counsellors at the Marie Trust. 

There are many reasons why someone may consider coming to counselling. Sometimes a support worker or intervention worker has suggested this as a way of coping with personal concerns or talking through life experiences that have caused emotional difficulty. Perhaps you will self- refer directly to us.

Counselling may be something that you have wanted to do before, but not been able to access. People often tell us that they wished they had had someone to confide in when things were difficult at times in their life; someone they could trust to be there to listen to them. Some of our clients have had previous contact with NHS mental health services and have come to understand their problems as anxiety based, depression or related to previous traumas. We see people who have developed real coping skills and resilience in the face of all the difficulties associated with homelessness. Nonetheless, there is often a need to stop and talk, to be listened to and not judged, to be thought about and encouraged to explore a way forward.

Our Counselling Service can offer a chance to speak to someone in confidence. Our counsellors and group therapist are fully qualified and registered with professional bodies. They can offer a non -judgemental space to talk, make sense of past and present experiences, work on feelings about yourself and any relationships in your life. They also aim to help you to retain your strengths and build upon these going forwards.

Currently we offer 1:1 counselling sessions of 50 minutes. These are usually weekly so that we can build a trusting relationship in a consistent way. We will think with you, however, as to what is both needed and manageable for you. We are planning to offer group therapy and are currently developing this. When we have this in place, that is another therapeutic option to consider with your counsellor. This will offer the chance for a group of clients to come together to engage with and support each other in a therapeutic process. This group will be run by a qualified group therapist.

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