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Striving to End Homelessness.

We offer a wide range of services to prevent and alleviate homelessness and promote social inclusion.

What we do

The Marie Trust has been responding to the complex and often challenging needs of people affected by homelessness, poverty, and social exclusion since 2009. We place primary value on respecting the dignity of every person who uses our services and aim to help them improve their quality of life in a more resourceful, fulfilling, and sustainable manner.  

We deliver a wide range of services specifically aimed at supporting homeless or at-risk individuals to access the immediate support they need but most importantly offering routes out of homelessness.


When people get to The Marie Trust, they feel they can breathe. Everywhere they go they are subject to huge scrutiny, but not there. It is somewhere that they can feel safe and valued, things a lot of people take for granted.

Social Worker, Glasgow

Who we are

The Marie Trust is a front-line homeless charity providing a holistic approach in our aim to alleviate and prevent homelessness from reoccurring. We recognise that people not only need safe accommodation but they also require opportunities for self-growth, healing and opportunities to exit homeless situations and have access to education, counselling, volunteering and health and wellbeing services to enable them to develop their sense of self and identity.  


About Us

Your Donations count

Demand for the services that The Marie Trust offers is increasing daily as more people in Glasgow are affected by homelessness and exclusion.

The donations from our supporters make a huge difference to the lives of The Marie Trust service users.