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Education Service

The overall aim of our Education Service is to widen access to education and support learners to exit homelessness as part of their employability, recovery, and rehabilitation pathway. The program supports learners who are apprehensive about entering education or those who have additional support needs to undertake an accredited or non accredited course as a stepping stone into our college programmes.


This is the only specifically designed Community Education Curriculum in Glasgow specifically designed to widen access to mainstream education for homeless people and those at-risk.

We take care of enrolment and allocation, whether this be for teaching at The Marie Trust premises or at college. This reduces the barriers to access for our learners.

Enrolling in college programmes gives learners an opportunity to re-establish themselves in an environment where they’re treated in the same way as any other student in the college, without any discrimination. For many students, this is a new start which allows them to progress into further education and move towards employment.

Our college partnerships

We have a partnership with City of Glasgow College delivering an Expressive Arts Program each week at the City Campus. Our learners are enrolled as students in the college and undertake a wide range of SCQF level 5 and 6 units in Expressive Arts, Glasswork, and Printing.  On average we deliver 6 accredited courses each year in partnership with the college.


We deliver 12-week units in:

  • SCQF Level 5 Social Care
  • SCQF Level 5 Mental Health and Mental Illness
  • SCQF level 5 Counselling
  • SCQF level 5 Psychology
  • Criminology
  • SCQF Level 4 PC Passport
  • Media in Society
  • Sociology (SCQF level 4 and 5 and non-accredited units)

“I have got significantly better with my mental health and have found confidence in myself.”

SCQF 5 Contemporary Art Practice Student , Marie Trust