Counselling & Psychotherapy Service



Many people who are homeless will unfortunately experience traumatic events and difficulties which continue to act as barriers for progression in later life. So, the need for therapy and counselling opportunities for those with this lived experience is vital. 

Unique service offering 

The counselling facilities offered by The Marie Trust are truly unique and provide a lifeline for those in need. There is no comparable counselling service accessible in Glasgow without the need for a formal referral process. The speciality service works with those who have experienced trauma and/or Borderline Personality Disorder, both of which are common amongst the homeless population.

Counsellors provide weekly sessions of 50 minutes with clients, ensuring a consistent, client-focused service. Clients work with the same counsellor throughout the time they utilise the service. To help clients feel safe and comfortable, we deliver counselling services at various locations in Glasgow, including homeless accommodations.

Our Counselling Service can offer a chance to speak to someone in confidence. Our counsellors and group therapist are fully qualified and registered with professional bodies. They can offer a non -judgemental space to talk, make sense of past and present experiences, work on feelings about yourself and any relationships in your life. They also aim to help you to retain your strengths and build upon these going forwards.

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Total number of counselling sessions offered in 2022/23: 238

​Total number of counselling sessions attended in 2022/23: 159 (67%) 

“Being able to have the time to work through extremely difficult traumas has helped me more than words can express. 

The privacy and anonymity of the service allowed me to feel safe in accessing it.  Without the help I received from the counsellor I would not be where I am today. I am in stable long-term housing, in education at university, and have developed healthy, loving friendships.

I have completely exited prostitution, have been able to stop misusing drugs and alcohol and have an overall good sense of well-being.” 

Counselling Client, Marie Trust